Efficient lighting applications and case studies by Scott C. Dunning, Albert Thumann

By Scott C. Dunning, Albert Thumann

With the elevated problem for power conservation in recent times, a lot consciousness has been taken with lights strength intake and techniques for lowering it. in addition to this problem for energy-efficient lights has come the conclusion that lighting fixtures has profound results on employee productiveness in addition to very important aesthetic characteristics. This booklet offers an advent to lighting fixtures layout and effort potency which are applied whereas protecting the standard of illumination. issues comprise lighting fixtures strength administration, choice of lamps, activity lights, lights layout, lighting fixtures regulate, reflectors, ballast choice, typical daylighting, instant lighting fixtures keep watch over, and case experiences.

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A single-phase circuit panel is illustrated in Figure 1-6. ) Figure 1-6. , A-1, A-2, etc. , 4 wires, 2 hot and 2 neutrals. The lamps are connected with conduit as shown below. Designate the hot and neutrals in each branch. Hint-start wiring from the last fixture in the circuit. Answer 24 Efficient Lighting Applications and Case Studies Note that only a single neutral wire is required for each 3 different phase wires. POINTS ON LIGHTING DRAWINGS • Choose a lighting drawing scale based on the area to be lighted and the detail required.

20 Approx. 5-Year Cost ——— ——— +5% — +2% — Practical Selection of Fluorescent Lamps 53 Remarks: Both have excellent color rendering characteristics, and yield fairly “natural” colors. They do not over-emphasize anyone color. The 5000°K has a more even color balance and should be used where color is critical such as in nurseries in hospitals. CWX should be good enough for most exam rooms and treatment rooms in hospitals. No. 7: CW vs SP35 Approx. Approx. Approx. Watts Temp. CRI Lumens CW SP35 —— —— —— 40 3500 69 40 4200 62 Approx.

5-Year Cost ——— ——— +1% — — +2% Remarks: The SP35 color rendering is usually more pleasing than the CW. The SP35 offers a good compromise between the red color of WW lamps and the blue color of CW lamps. The SP35 does a good job on clothes and skin. The popularity of this lamp is just beginning to catch on and as demand increases the price will probably drop. The SP35 may be the lamp of choice for general use. No. 8: WW vs SP35 Approx. Approx. Approx. Watts Temp. CRI Lumens WW SP35 —— —— —— 40 3500 69 40 3000 52 Approx.

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