Edexcel Biology for A2 by C. J. Clegg

By C. J. Clegg

Edexcel Biology for A2 is an entire color textbook with aiding Dynamic studying web site, written particularly for the recent Edexcel specification. The chapters persist with the order steered via the idea that method of the course.

All chapters commence with beginning issues, which summarise the fundamentals to be lined and the way technological know-how Works examples are basically pointed out. in the course of the textual content there are a variety of self-assessment inquiries to inspire comprehension and research.

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Rivers below these mountain ranges are glacier-fed, and so the melting of glaciers will have increasing impact on the water supplies for a great many people. 32 ON THE WILD SIDE Rising sea levels The impact of global warming on sea levels is due to thermal expansion of sea water and the widespread melting of ice. 8 mm per year in the period 1960–2003, but during the later part of that period the rate was far higher than at the beginning. If this acceleration continues at the current rate, sea levels could rise by at least 30 cm in this century.

For example, data from the Vostok ice core in East Antarctica (that is, the composition of the bubbles of gas obtained from these cores) show us how methane and carbon dioxide levels have varied over no less than 400 000 years. 26). 1 There is a decline in both temperature and greenhouse gas concentrations during glacial periods … 3 Climate has been relatively warm and stable during the last 10 000 years – the Holocene interglacial period. 2 … and a rapid rise during deglaciation. 26 Three types of data recovered from the Vostok ice cores over 400 000 years of Earth history.

Secondary successions normally happen quite quickly, since the necessary soil for plant life is already present. Plant communities are established in succession, as spores and seeds are blown in, or carried in by visiting animal life, or as they grow in from the surrounding, unharmed climax communities. After forest fires, for example, the soil is quickly covered by moss species that favour scorched soil habitats. The carpet of moss reduces soil erosion, starts to contribute to the supply of humus to the soil, and provides conditions favourable to the lodging and germination of seeds of higher plants.

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