Easy-to-Do Card Tricks for Children by Karl Fulves

By Karl Fulves

Thirty mind-boggling maneuvers — prepared so as of trouble — comprise discovering playing cards, mind-reading feats, inflicting a card to upward thrust mysteriously from the deck, and extra. precious diagrams and easy-to-follow directions support younger magicians via every one step — from getting ready and manipulating playing cards to constructing a line of patter.

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Then he notes the card at that position from the top of the packet. For example, he might write the number three. The third card might be then ♣ 7. Ask the spectator to write the name of the card on the paper. Then he hides the paper. Whatever the position of the card, ask him to transfer that many cards one at a time from the bottom to the top of the packet. Turn your head aside while he does this so you cannot see how many cards he transfers. Take the packet. ” Hold the packet face down in the hand.

Without showing their faces, place the three cards in the card case. ” Place the card case on the table. Put the deck on top of it, Figure 63. ” This is the first surprise of the story. Turn up the top three cards of the deck to reveal the three queens. ” Turn up all six cards on the table to show they are all diamonds. “And where were the three boys? ” Place the deck aside. Slide the three cards out of the card case and show the three jacks.

Have the spectator cut the deck in half, Figure 47. Keep track of which packet has the aces on top. Tell the spectator to cut each packet in half. The result will be as shown in Figure 48. Keep track of where the aces are. In our example, they are on top of packet A. Have the spectator pick up the packet at the opposite end of the row (packet D in our example). He deals three cards into position D where the packet was originally. Then he deals one card onto A, B and C. He replaces packet D in its original position.

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