Earth Blood 02 Deep Trek by James Axler, Laurence James

By James Axler, Laurence James

Returning to an Earth devastated via a dangerous melanoma, the workforce of the spaceship Aquila fit wits with a ruthless paramilitary team out to manage the complete planet as they look for survivors of the catastrophe.

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Three-quarter-inch iron bars had been cemented into the frames of all of the windows on the first floor, preventing any would-be intruder from forcing an entry. Mac gripped the cold metal, setting his jaw. It was almost impossible for him to come to terms with what had happened… what was happening. Seven weeks ago he'd still been shrouded in a deep cryosleep, plunging dizzily through the whispering abyss of black space, locked away into the dreamless darkness. From that first waking moment, it had been like living through an endless nightmare.

The other side of the flyer was clear, except for a few lines about a special late addition: The Best There Ever Was—The Films of Harry Dean Stanton. "Him I've heard of," muttered Jim. It had occurred to him that some sort of a log or a journal might not be a bad idea, something to set down a record for anyone coming after. There was a pencil in the desk, and he took one of the sheets of dry, dusty paper and began to write. THE UNITED STATES Space Vessel Aquila, under his command, had been out on a two-year deep-dark mission.

Closing his eyes, he found himself sinking into a stupid and pointless prayer that all of this would really be only a chimera of the night, that he would open his eyes again and all would be well. " Mac sighed, aware of the bitter cold that made his breath fog the glass near his mouth. "Yeah, Angel. Just thinking how well you all did to stay alive in the middle of…" He let go the bars and gestured toward the snow-covered garden. "The middle of all this madness. " She came up behind him, putting her arms around him, her breasts pressing insistently into his back.

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