Dzog Chen and Zen by Namkhai Norbu (Author), Kennard Lipman (Editor)

By Namkhai Norbu (Author), Kennard Lipman (Editor)

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If someone has a knowledge of what the teaching is a bout and applies it minimally, and takes it to this level, that can be called Z6gqen, the self-perfected state of the individual. The world where we find ourselves, the human dimension, is one's own energy. One has to know how to use that energy, know how to find it in the same dimension as one's own primordial state. It is dear that you have to do a little work to arrive at that pointi otherwise you cannot quite live it. So if you have done a little work, a minimum of work on this, and begun to experience what is as your own energy, then you can understand.

Tibelan Civilization (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1972), Ch. II. 3. See for example, Namkhai Norbu, Zhang Bod Lo Rgyus: La Storia Anlica dello Zhang Zhullg e del Tibel (Napoli: Comunita Dzogchen, 1981), pp. 225-33. 4. See N. Norbu, Bod Icyi 10 rgyu5 las 'phros PII'j glam nor bu'i do shill (Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 1981), p. 27 H; Per Kvaerne, II The Great Perfection' in the tradition of the Bonpos", in Early Ch'an in China and Tibet, Lancaster, L. , Eds. (Berkeley: Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 5, 1983), pp.

Kun dga' dpal ldan, 1 8 7 8- 1 9 5 0 . 38 1 2 . 'Jam dbyangs chos kyi dbang phyug, 1 9 1 0- 7 3 . 1 3 . 'Jam dbyangs blo gros rgya mtsho, 1 90 2 - 5 2 . 1 4 . dbang dang khrid. 1 5 . gzhung chen /ICU gs um. These texts are: 1. Priitimok�a 5 iUra 2. Vinaya s u lra by Gunaprabha 3. Abhidharmu5a muccaya by Asanga 4. Abhidh armako�a by Vasubandhu 5. Mulamadhyam akakiiTika by Nagarjuna 6 . Madhyamakiit1aliira by CandrakIrti 7. Cat u bsataka by A ryadeva B. BodhicaTyal1aliira by S antideva 9. A bhisam ayaillli kara by Maitreyal Asanga 1 0.

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