Dragon Warriors: The Lands of Legend No. 6 (Dragon warriors) by Dave Morris

By Dave Morris

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With retelling, the story became more fanciful. Now one often hears of these Ascians - apparently soulless, they are forced to serve the shamans who keep their shadows in sealed huts. This is not true, but arose when a sailor misunderstood what a colleague told him about the Ascians' religion. Another tale often told concerns the Arachnanths, a race of spider-folk inhabiting the upper reaches of the Mungoda River. Some versions of the tale describe these creatures as having the bodies of men but with six hairy arms and a spider-like head.

Each arrow can be used only once and then loses its enchantment. It is not known if any of the arrows were ever actually used by Athgeld, but history records that he died of a spear-wound, so certainly he never shot the cursed arrow. By some accounts, Nunn was a wise Mystic who lived in the woods and befriended Athgeld, teaching him his skills in the use of bow and psychic force. Other sources personify him as the Devil, horned and clovenhoofed, and state that the seventh arrow will claim the archer's soul as well as his life.

In an isolated wayside inn among the mountains of Batubatan, one can hear fireside tales of Gungun the Witch, a horrid entity who skulks about her hut of human bones - or of the Sacred Vistas of the Moon, a place within the heart of the unscaleable Mount Tlingat. It is impossible to voyage among the rough barbarians of the Eastern Steppe without hearing their (doubtless embroidered) tales of treasure vaults and empty citadels far out across the plains. Sailors bring back the myths of Yamato and still more distant shores: of castles of living coral rising from the ocean depths, of ghost-hulks whose rotting timbers creak with the weight of stolen gold, of lights that seem to mark out submerged cities, of islands patrolled by unliving monsters, of exotic ports full of dark pleasures and deadly perils, and of comely wenches who dance on the grey waves and entice poor mortals to join them in flickering palaces built from stormclouds.

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