Dirty Russian: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*%# by Erin Coyne, Igor Fisun

By Erin Coyne, Igor Fisun

GET D!RTYNext time you’re touring or simply chattin’ in Russia along with your pals, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means educate you in class, together with: • Cool slang• humorous insults• particular intercourse phrases• uncooked swear phrases soiled Russian teaches the informal expressions heard each day at the streets of Russia:What's up?kak de-LA?I relatively gotta piss.mnye O-chen NA-do pos-SAT. rattling, you fine!blin, nu ti i shi-KAR-nii! Let's have an orgy.da-VAI u-STRO-im OR-gi-yu. this can be crappy vodka.d-ta VOD-ka khre-NO-va-ya. Let's cross get hammered.poi-DYOM bukh-NYOM. i am gonna personal you, bitch!ya te-BYA VI-ye-blyu!

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U zna-KOM-ikh BLYA-dyei. There’s going to be a rockin’ party tonight. se-VOD-nya BU-dyet KLASS-na-ya tu-SOV-ka. Me and my buds are going for a guys’ night out. mi so svo-I-mi re-BYA-ta-mi i-DYOM na mal-CHISH-nik. My girlfriend went to a hen party tonight while I sat at home like an idiot. po-KA ya TU-po si-DYEL DO-ma, mo-YA DYEV-ush-ka po-SHLA na dyev-ICH-nik. The night is young. VRE-mya DYET-sko-ye. Booze bu-KHLO Not surprisingly, the Russian drink of choice is vodka, most often shot straight up.

The cops made me pay a fine for being a public nuisance. men-TI za-STA-vi-li za-pla-TIT shtraf za khu-li-GAN-stvo. “Fine” being a euphemism for what it really is: A bribe VZYAT-ka If you get caught with that shit, they’ll send you up the river. YES-li ob-na-RU-zhit te-BYA s E-toi DRYA-nyu, to te-BYA po-SA-dyat na kich-MAN. He did five years for possession. on si-DYEL pyat lyet za khra-NYE-ni-ye. Russia is just completely whack. v ro-SSII POL-nii byes-prye-DYEL. Byespryedyel is a slang word right out of the big house now used to describe the chaotic lawlessness and corruption pervading Russian society.

They pour crap here. tut na-li-VA-yut ta-KU-yu dryan. I’m not going to drink this shitty beer. ya nye BU-du pit E-to pi-zdo-VA-to-ye PI-vo. This is crappy vodka. E-ta VOD-ka khre-NO-va-ya. After drinking that voddy, we were zonked. PO-sle E-toi vo-DYA-ri mi BI-li v A-u-tye. This home brew really packs a punch. E-tot sem da-YOT ZHA-ru. That’s a chick drink. E-to BAB-skii na-PI-tok. Let’s each have a brew. da-VAI po piv-KU. Let’s have another round. da-VAI e-SCHO po od-NOI. What, have you lost your fucking mind?!?!

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