DirectJNgine 1.3 for ExtJs by Pedro Agulló Soliveres

By Pedro Agulló Soliveres

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41 of 46 DirectJNgine: User’s Guide 16. DirectJNgine Optimization Optimizing api files generation and usage Minimizing network traffic is one of the most important optimizations we can perform for a web application. We have worked hard on minimizing both the number of requests, as well as their size when it comes to api file. Here is the list of optimizations: • We only regenerate an api file when its contents changes: that way the web server does not send exactly the same content just because we have rewritten a file and its date and time has changed.

We added this limit so that no single client is able to end up consuming all threads in the pool. Customizing thread usage is not easy, because this kind of optimization is very context dependent. That said, I wholeheartedly recommend that you take a look at Java Concurrency in Practice, by Brian Goetz, especially the sections on thread pool sizing and configuration of ThreadPoolExecutor. On the other hand, we think that the default values we provide will be quite adequate for most users. 43 of 46 DirectJNgine: User’s Guide 17.

And, of course, we want to be able to handle dates returned by a Java method in Javascript. To do these two things, we need to define Gson serializers and deserializers. getAsInt(); } } We hope the code is not too difficult to understand: just take a look at Gson User’s Guide for details - it is very well written. Closing thoughts We have provided this as an example of how to handle non-trivial types, such as Java’s Date. We decided against providing default serializers/deserializers for classes such as Date or Calendar because we didn’t want to impose a Javascript format for these types.

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