Dharma Teachings: Given at Samdrup Darjay Ling Sonada, by Kalu Rinpoche

By Kalu Rinpoche

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Then we request that the sublime assembly accept our offerings. Third, we confess all the sins we have committed from beginningless time. Fourth, we rejoice. in all virtue that has been accumulated by the Pratekya Buddhas, Shravakas (those who have gone beyond samsara but follow Hinayana), bodhisattvas, and ordinary beings like ourselves. We rejoice in the virtue accumulated by all of them throughout the three times. e minds and intellect of all different beings, and that they turn the smaller (Hinayana) wheel and greater wheels (Mahayana and Vajrayana) as well as that which is common to both.

The "Chorten of Bringing Harmony to Discord" (yen-dum chorten) appeared when there was great discord among the Buddha's disciples, thus he taught the Dharma to them so they were again in accord. At the time when the Buddha was to depart from this world, his disciples prayed fervently to him to stay in samsara. He said he would stay for three more months, and the "Chorten of Complete Victory" (namgyal chorten) appeared. The "Chorten of Nirvana" appeared when the time of the Buddha's stay among beings was finished and he passed on to nirvana.

Chenrezig is an emanation of the compassion of all Buddhas and everyone--of excellent, medium, or low ability--can benefit from this practice. Once we have realized Chenrezig, it is as valuable as the realization of any other yidam. For those who do not know Dharma or about the development and completion stages, then whoever they have faith in and can keep a commitment with can be their lama. There was a disciple in Tibet, for example, who had 500 lamas. On the other hand, we can have 26 DHARMA TEACHINGS only one lama, if we can keep strong, constant faith in him.

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