Design and Fabrication of Acousto-optic Devices (Optical by Goutzoulis

By Goutzoulis

This paintings deals exact discussions on all points of acousto-optic deflectors, modulators and tunable filters, emphasizing hands-on strategies for layout, fabrication and checking out. It includes formerly unpublished remedies of acousto-optic equipment layout and impedance matching, allowing the particular layout of genuine units and device-matching circuits.

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Two different types of tangential birefringent bandshapes are possible, and they are designated as single- and double peaked. see this, consider the general expression for the birefringent bandshape as a function of frequency given by [l81 Wave vector diagram for anisotropic diffraction with collinear propagation of light and sound. PRINCIPLES OF ACOUSTO-OPTICS 23 Wave vector diagram for tangential birefringent diffraction. + where Lo = A2n/A, is a characteristic interaction length, Afm = f; wheref; andf; are the frequencies at which the Bragg angle is matched, andf, is the tangential frequency around which the birefringent bandshape is symmetrical.

Afa = 2 Af). We also note that the above calculations were performed under the assumption that the bandwidth is symmetric around the center frequency and the peak occurs at the center frequency. However, since for a given 20 K L UDZIN GO UTZOULIS acoustic direction there exist two momentum-matching frequencies, it is possible to choose momentum matching at two frequencies on opposite sides of f c and allow a 3-dB dip at f c . This phase-matching approach [9] will further increase the bandwidth by a factor of V?!.

It may be of interest for the reader to compare these data with those reported in the Western literature [27-301 in order to evaluate the relative stage of material development. Table 1includes data (orestimates) for theacoustic nonlinearity constant (see Section which is of major importance in high-performance A 0 deflectors, because in most cases it determines the level of the third-order intermodulation products and thus the dynamic range of the device. Note that for glasslike materials, where the practical frequency band is limited by acoustic attenuation, the attenuation constant with reference to = '100 MHz is used.

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