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7) - e (e ti 4. Disintegrations of 2 39 Np occurring between tj and t2 , N0 AA2 -~ -Xt (2 Ait -e (e -e . 8) 46 5. Disintegrations of AAN 6. 10) This mass chain is considered completely refractory in the fractionation (Subroutine URAN) scheme. 2 Activity Versus Particle Size The radial-distribution model of Freiling 3 3 categorizes a nuclide as volatile if its boiling point is less than the solidification temperature of the soil particles (sec. 2). The nuclide is refractory if its boiling point is greater than the solidification temperature.

The only restriction is that the data must be specified at the same altitudes in all updates. 2 Multiple Profile Windfields Horizontally nonhomogenious windfields, that is winds that vary with geographical location, are specified by multiple vertical profiles of winds which may be three-dimensional. ) Multiple profile windfields also may be time resolved. The user must specify a three-dimensional space grid, for each cell of which a three-dimensional wind vector is to be defined by the code on the basis of the input data.

The fission yield is simply scaled down by this factor to correct for height of burst. Of course, if A ; 180 (ft KT'1/3-4), we assume that no local fallout occurs, and the pure air burst mode of calculation proceeds. 53 (Subroutine OPM1) 5. 1 MAP PREPARATION GENERAL DISCUSSION In this chapter we discuss the operations of the Output Processor Module (OPM). The OPM receives fallout deposit increment descriptions from the Diffusive Transport Module and processes them into fallout maps specified by the user.

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