Deeper: A Novel by Jeff Long

By Jeff Long

Generally and enthusiastically acclaimed, The Descent marked the debut of a strong mind's eye and earned Jeff lengthy comparisons to Stephen King. Now, after 3 extra suspenseful blockbusters, he returns to the pleasing creatures he conjured in that first significant novel, unleashing a narrative that may hook his lovers and not allow pass. within the Descent, we came across an international underneath our ft - a tubular nightmare of tunnels and subterranean rivers and seas inhabited via a savage race of hominids. Our seek was once to find their chief, the so-called ancient devil. In Deeper, mankind once more confronts its merciless subterranean relations, and we needs to descend even additional. trying to find the hadal god, we achieve right down to our very genesis. With terrorism boiling up from the depths, we discover ourselves drawn right into a conflict of civilizations - one primal, one smooth - that forces us to confront our demons another time. captivating, concussive, this darkly incredible paintings of mind's eye galvanizes Jeff Long's recognition as a prodigious expertise.

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