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Will you examinethe room you arein (tum to r48) orleaveby theonly available door (tum to 3r9[ 493 You quicHy spot a trail of blood leadrng to a small hollow One Troll-Orc is lying on the ground,deador dying, and anotheris peeringintently down on the woundedstranger You begin to ieel that the crows were meantto athacLyou here,Lo spring the trap. If you have a throwing-knife,turn to 56J, oLherwise, you creepup behindthe Troll-Orc (tum to 336). 494 Ii your currenfsrAMrNAscoreis lessthan rz, in the time you spendtrying fo breakthrough the wall you succumbto Lhesmokeand flames,and your adventure is over.

R shoesimmediately rot ard fall off. You can now eith€r try to doss lhe river by meansof the bobbing platforrns lfum to 269) or continuesouthwardspast them (fum to 22O). h. tum to r8o; otherrrise, Lum to 45. 06 sleep which rcstores2lost srAMrNA points. In the moming you 6nd a piece of sharpened flinl among the rocks,possiblyevidenceof a long-forgotten oiture A steep ravine rises a sho drstanceaway to Lhenorth, and you have comefrom the south,so will you now headeast(tum ro 5997or west(bumto 4)?

54or j55I You dashout thror,rghthe front door and acrossthe courtyard only to find that the main gales are lo&ed. iciousis going olx you will have to 6ght him before vou can escaoe. Tum [o 2oo ao2 It is difficdt lo lqlow what Lodo. The village consists o[ only half a dozm peasantcottageq and there is no door of any of the inhabited cottages - for instance, the one next door to lhe ffre-damaged one (tum to 190) ao3 Otus looks at the arrow in some puzzlement, then snapsit betweentwo fingers a4d signalsto Ophis.

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