Database Systems - A Pract Appr to Design, Impl, Mgmt by T. Connolly, C. Begg

By T. Connolly, C. Begg

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In particular, it emphasizes the importance of database design and shows how the process can be decomposed into three phases: conceptual, logical, and physical database design. It also describes how the design of the application (the functional approach) affects database design (the data approach). A crucial stage in the database application lifecycle is the selection of an appropriate DBMS. This chapter discusses the process of DBMS selection and provides some guidelines and recommendations. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the importance of data administration and database administration.

What is more important, the physical structure and storage of the data files and records are defined in the application code. We can find similar examples in other departments. 1 Sales Department forms: (a) Property for Rent Details form; (b) Client Details form. 2 The PropertyForRent, PrivateOwner, and Client files used by Sales. 3 Lease Details form used by Contracts Department. 4 The Lease, PropertyForRent, and Client files used by Contracts. 5 File-based processing. It can be seen quite clearly that there is a significant amount of duplication of data in these departments, and this is generally true of file-based systems.

A summary at the end of each chapter, covering the main concepts introduced. | xlix A set of exercises that can be used by teachers or by individuals to demonstrate and test the individual’s understanding of the chapter, the answers to which can be found in the accompanying Instructor’s Guide. net/connbegg. For further details of contents see following page. l | Companion Web site selected student resources Tutorials on selected chapters Access Lab Manual Part 1 Background Chapter 1 Introduction to Databases Chapter 2 Database Environment 3 33 Chapter 1 Introduction to Databases Chapter Objectives In this chapter you will learn: n Some common uses of database systems.

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