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4). The prompt gamma rays are detected through a Li2CO3 window of 32 mm diameter located in the upper lead layer. 2. 1. Neutron flux, cadmium ratio and gamma dose rate The beam position was determined by neutron radiography, and the neutron flux and flux distribution were measured by means of activated gold foils. The cadmium ratio was also determined by activating gold foils with and without a cadmium cover. 1 × 107 n · cm–2 · s–1 and 21, respectively. 2%. The gamma dose rate at the sample position was determined by thermoluminescence dosimetry to be 200 mR/h.

Effective cadmium cutoff energy, Nucleonics 15 (1957) 86– 88. , Fluctuations of nuclear reaction widths, Phys. Rev. 104 (1956) 483– 491. , Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Wiley, New York (1960) 647–651. , Theory of radiative capture in the resonance region, Nucl. Phys. 17 (1960) 563–585. , Verification of the Lane– Lynn theory of direct neutron capture, Phys. Lett. 81B (1979) 93–97. , Quantitative test of the Lane–Lynn theory of direct radiative capture of thermal neutrons by 12C and 13C, Phys. Rev.

43 . B. F. L. 1. 1] as part of an ongoing project at the National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven National Laboratory at Upton, New York, to update the Neutron Crosssections compendia, Vol. 3]. 4]. The adopted data are compared with new results derived from this evaluation. 2. THERMAL CROSS-SECTION EVALUATION METHODOLOGY A brief description of the evaluation procedure is given in the following. As an initial step in the evaluation procedure, CINDA retrievals were carried out on nuclear parameters such as thermal capture, scattering and total cross-sections, as well as coherent scattering amplitudes for measurements since 1979, the cut-off date of the publication of Neutron Cross Sections, Vol.

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