Darwin's Conjecture: The Search for General Principles of by Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Thorbjorn Knudsen

By Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Thorbjorn Knudsen

Of paramount value to the common sciences, the rules of Darwinism, which contain version, inheritance, and choice, are more and more of curiosity to social scientists in addition. yet nobody has supplied a really rigorous account of the way the foundations practice to the evolution of human society—until now.

In Darwin’s Conjecture, Geoffrey Hodgson and Thorbjørn Knudsen show how the British naturalist’s middle ideas follow to quite a lot of phenomena, together with enterprise practices, felony platforms, expertise, or even technology itself. in addition they critique a few well-known objections to utilizing Darwin to social technology, arguing that finally Darwinism services as a common theoretical framework for exciting extra inquiry. Social scientists who undertake a Darwinian process, they contend, can then use it to border and support enhance new explanatory theories and predictive models.

This really pathbreaking work at lengthy final makes the robust conceptual instruments of Darwin on hand to the social sciences and should be welcomed by way of students and scholars from quite a number disciplines.

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