Corynebacterium glutamicum: Biology and Biotechnology by Alain A. Vertès, Masayuki Inui, Hideaki Yukawa (auth.),

By Alain A. Vertès, Masayuki Inui, Hideaki Yukawa (auth.), Hideaki Yukawa, Masayuki Inui (eds.)

Corynebacterium glutamicum was came across in Japan in 1956 as a ordinary glutamate manufacturer. Its “microbial manufacturing unit” traits, equivalent to its physiological plasticity and strong catalytic functionalities, have on the grounds that facilitated the improvement of effective construction approaches for amino acids, nucleotides and supplements.

This monograph illustrates how the data gleaned from entire genome sequencing permits the rational engineering of the full mobile metabolism and the way structures biology allows the extra optimization of C. glutamicum as a biocatalyst. facets of gene legislation, metabolic pathways, sugar uptake, protein secretion, mobilephone department and biorefinery functions spotlight the large biotechnological and biorefinery capability.

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6 g/l (90 mM) (Litsanov et al. 2012). Furthermore, the ability to use anaerobic metabolism enables to cost efficiently produce relatively reduced substances (Marquardt et al. 2010; Weusthuis et al. 2010). The organic acids lactate and succinate, as well as the fuels ethanol and isobutanol have been produced using C. glutamicum as a proof of concept to validate this organism as a novel versatile manufacturing technology platform (Inui et al. 2004a, b; Okino et al. 2005; Blombach et al. 2011). , the extracellular matrix and the intracellular space or the cell surface) or exemplified by the dual production of PHB and glutamate (Verte`s et al.

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