Corso pratico di yoga per tutti by Alina Rizzi

By Alina Rizzi

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As we advance in this through our daily practice over time, a gradual awakening will occur which we call ecstatic conductivity. This is first noticed as a pleasant sensation that seems instantly connected throughout the body. As it develops, what we find is that this rising experience of ecstatic conductivity is stimulated and regulated from the brain, which does, in fact, comprise the upper end of the spinal nerve. Of particular importance is the region from the point Journey to Inner Space – 27 between the eyebrows going back behind it to the center of the brain.

Opening on Inhalation – Restricting on Exhalation When we engage in spinal breathing, it is possible to regulate the passage of air through our throat in a way that enhances the process. This is done by opening the throat wider than usual during inhalation, and by restricting it using the epiglottis during exhalation. In doing so, we can achieve better control of the air flow, particularly during exhalation, and enhance the restraint aspect of our pranayama. Recall that pranayama means restraint of prana (breath).

So, if we have begun our pranayama practice at some time in the past with alternate nostril breathing, this is good. We can leave that behind as we move on to the much more efficient and powerful practice of spinal breathing pranayama. Spinal Breathing as a Stand-Alone Practice? In some teachings, pranayama is used as the primary practice, sometimes with an attempt to incorporate elements of meditation into the pranayama. While it may be useful for relaxation, this type of practice does not fulfill the ultimate aim of either pranayama or meditation.

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