Cooperation at work: the Mondragón experience by Keith Bradley, Alan H. Gelb

By Keith Bradley, Alan H. Gelb

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It is therefore instructive to compare Mondragon with other con­ sensus-organizations operating in the productive sphere. The Japanese corporations or the Western Z firms are commonly considered to include elements of consensus in their organization. These and stereo­ typical Western capitalist industry in which the discretionary element is minimized are interesting comparators to Mondragon. In traditional Western industry the employment relationship stresses the cash nexus almost exclusively. On Mondragon, the Japanese corporations and the Z firms an enriched employment relationship is considered crucial for viability.

During this period, empirical study suggested that rapid growth and economism were tending to undercut any notion of the working class as an ideological opposition to capitalism. This proposition stood in direct contrast to Marxist predictions of an increasingly impoverished, alienated and class-conscious proletariat. It was not claimed that growth made workers fervent supporters of the system. Studies such as Goldthorpe, et al. ( 1968) which focused on the process of neutralizing the oppositional role of labor suggested that workers instead became 'privatised'.

Comprehensive coverage by company. complements limited public benefits in Japan. Comprehensive coverage by group ( Lagun Aro) complements limited public benefits. Cooperateurs outside Spanish Social Security. State Social Securi Syotem complemented by rm pension plans which pay out only to a limited proportion of employees . Lump sum payment. based on salary and length of service plus placement in subsidiary firms in Japan. Cooperative social socuriry and pension plan (currently 60"/o of final pay) plus payment of accumulated equity (may be around $50,000) .

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