Contemporary Nonlinear Optics by Robert Boyd (Auth.)

By Robert Boyd (Auth.)

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Applied Prismatic and Reflective Optics

From the early floor and polished prism points of glass lighthouse Fresnel lenses to fashionable microreplicated versatile Fresnel lenses for sun concentrators, new purposes of prismatic optical elements for mild regulate are always being built. additionally, concepts using unmarried and compound prismatic and reflective optical elements are rising within the fields of metrology, polarization keep an eye on, projection platforms, illumination, and reveal lighting fixtures, between others.

The Arabic Version of Euclid’s Optics: Edited and Translated with Historical Introduction and Commentary Volume I

Like several classical Greek texts on technological know-how, Euclid's works on optics at the beginning got here to the West as a rule via medieval Arabic texts and commentaries. whereas numerous Greek types of the Optika have been stumbled on and translated as early because the 16th century, checking out what can have been Euclid's unique has now not been effortless.

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