Contemporary Celtic Crochet: 24 Cabled Designs for Sweaters, by Bonnie Barker

By Bonnie Barker

Learn how to crochet cables!

Have you ever desired to create a sweater with attractive cables, yet you didn't know the way to knit? Now, in modern Celtic Crochet, you could use easy crochet stitches to create an identical beautiful influence on sweater wraps, stoles, cardigans, and extra. This e-book beneficial properties effortless tasks, similar to hats, scarves and gadget covers, and tougher tasks, together with sweaters, wraps and blankets. Make the Hialeah Honey child Blankey to swaddle a infant or create the Inisheer Sweater Wrap to stick comfortable in cool climate. The Cables Meet Lace Cape is ideal for evenings out, and the Pennywhistler's Pack allow you to hold your necessities on any expedition. those Celtic-inspired stitches and tasks are the correct addition for your crochet repertoire.

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