Condensed Silica Fume in Concrete, FIP State of the Art by CEB FIP FIP Commission on Concrete

By CEB FIP FIP Commission on Concrete

This record offers a complete evaluation of the houses of concrete containing condensed silica fume(CSF) at each one degree of hardening, emphasizing the advancements won in toughness.

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32. Carbonation depths of concretes after 6 years of exposure at 20°C and 50% RH. Precuring prior to exposure: (a) 1 day in mould; (b) 1 day in mould, then 27 days in water. (From ref 192). for weaker mixes, but the carbonation depths were greater. For example, badly-cured 25 MPa control concrete showed a depth of about 32 mm, while a well-cured com­ panion showed about 22 mm. The effect of CSF (5, 10, and 20%) was small at 5 % dosage, but the trend was clear for both types of exposure when comparison was made on an equal 28-day strength basis: increased CSF dosage led to increased carbonation depths.

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