Compendium of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Volume I - by Karan Vasisht, Vishavjit Kumar

By Karan Vasisht, Vishavjit Kumar

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In most parts of in Senegal and throughout Africa. They usually bring technical assistance to newly the country medicinal plants are the most common source of health care, despite the created associations and involve other healers in their projects. proximity of the people to modern medicines. In a survey of a village, about 70 Traditional Systems of Medicine medicinal plants were reported to be used by TMPs as well as by villagers (FAO, Almost every village in Senegal has a TMP (Balde and Sterck, 1994).

Differentiate the role of herbalists from those of other TMPs, and define their re- The industrial exploitation of medicinal plants is authorized only when it in- spective statuses, regulations, and code of ethics. In 1980, the Minister of Public volves herb, leaf, stem, bark, and/or fruit and is permitted only when the plants are Health and Social Affairs established a Scientific and Technical Committee to work cultivated. The collection of wild plants for industrial use is not permitted. Im- in conjunction with the National Research Institute of Medicine and Traditional Medi- proved traditional medicine production units are supervised by a pharmacist, and cine (Koumare, 1980; Sanders, 1989).

There is an active trade in these sticks on the urban markets. Their consumption is very high in the villages. More than 100 mn sticks are used per annum: about 75% of the using the resources in the most sustainable way (Oteng-Yeboah, 1996). 9 Mali The Republic of Mali is located south use of 78 mn sticks per annum. In Guinea, the practice of traditional of the Sahara and two-thirds of its territory is desert. The greater part of Mali’s medicine is not recognized by the Ordinance 189 PRG of 18 September 1984, which economy relies on the utilization of its natural resources.

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