Common Edible Mushrooms by Clyde M. Christensen

By Clyde M. Christensen

4TH PRINTING FROM 1970 - attractive sleek PAGES - EX LIBRARY by no means IN stream - publication seems like it really is by no means BEEN OPENED - VERY MINOR BINDING PULL easily FROM AGE - TAN cloth disguise below THE dirt hide exhibits NO put on in any respect - really excellent FOR A e-book OF THIS AGE! ALL ORDERS send similar DAY WITH monitoring NUMBER!wkrmtblA2

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The margin of young specimens is curved inward toward the stem and connected to it by a delicate, cottony veil in which each strand of mycelium is visible. This delicate veil remains for a short time as a ring near the top of the stem, but it soon withers and disappears. The gills are white, sometimes with a faint tinge of tan, and extend from 1/8 to 1/4 inch down the stem. The flesh of the cap is firm and white. The stem is from 2 to 6 inches long and 1/2 inch thick, colored like the cap, twisted and fibrous; it splits lengthwise very readily.

Eminently edible: COLLYBIA VELUTIPES (Velvetstemmed Coiiybia) The accuracy of the species name, velutipes, meaning velvet stem, proves that scientists are not always occupied with making 46 Figure 21. Colly bio. velutipes (Velvet-stemmed Collybia). Eminently edible. J 47 COMMON EDIBLE MUSHROOMS nature incomprehensible! This is a mushroom all should know (Figure 21 and Plate 2A), since it is very common, growing in bright reddish brown clumps out of old branch stubs and wounds on shade and forest trees.

C. radicata (Rooted Collybia). Edible. Figure 20. Collybia platypbylla (Broad-gilled Collybia). Edible. 45 COMMON EDIBLE MUSHROOMS large plant, with caps from 3 to 6 inches wide and stems from 1/2 to i inch in diameter and from 4 to 6 inches long. The upper surface of the cap is grayish brown in the center, paler toward the margin, and delicately streaked with dark radial fibers. The gills are quite white, rather far apart, and from 3/4 to i inch wide; in young specimens they are attached to the stem but may break away from it as the cap expands.

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