Coherent Optics - Fundamentals and Applications by W. Lauterborn, T. Kurz

By W. Lauterborn, T. Kurz

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Once colored, the fading of the color of TPIR lasts for several minutes in solution [56]. In the last decade, an important work was carried out, leading to a series of fast HABI molecules. 35). Diffusion of TPIR is thus annihilated [102]. The back-reaction is considerably accelerated and takes place in 180 ms. Other compounds, structured identically, have been the subject of several studies to modulate photochromic properties [103] or to understand the photodissociation mechanism [104]. In addition to the molecular structure, the environment can drastically influence k for a given molecule.

Reactions with a ketone bearing the R3 and R4 moieties, and another one bearing the R1 and R2 moieties followed by ester hydrolysis and a dehydration, which enables the formation of the anhydride ring. 3 Diarylethenes The first report on the photochromism of diarylethenes dates back to 1988 by Irie [81]. ). Molecular engineering, based on theoretical and experimental basis, to improve the performances of diarylethenes has occupied (and still occupies) an important place in the scientific topics since that time and will be described later.

Mater. F. R. (1952) Some thermochromic spirans. J. Am. Chem. , 74 (24), 6288–6289. B. (1968) Photoand thermochromic transients from substituted 1′ ,3′ ,3′ trimethylindolinobenzospiropyrans. J. Am. Chem. , 90 (21), 5660–5671. , and Weiss, V. (2000) Spiropyrans and spirooxazines for memories and switches. Chem. , 100 (5), 1741–1753. (a) Benard, S. and Yu, P. (2000) New spiropyrans showing crystalline-State photochromism. Adv. , 12 (1), 48–50; (b) Benard, S. and Yu, P. (2000) A spirooxazine showing crystalline state photochromism.

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