Cognition, Vol. 2, No. 3 by J. Mehler & T. G. Bever (Editors)

By J. Mehler & T. G. Bever (Editors)

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He notes that the small number of components used to define these early words may be responsible for the frequently reported occurrence of ‘over-generalization’ in the use of early words. For example, one child used ‘ba-ba’ to refer to herself, other people and the cat, that is, presumably, animate objects in general. Then ‘dada’ was used for all men, and later for father only. Each new restriction on the use of a word can be accounted for by the addition of a component to its meaning. From the account just given, it might appear that the range of reference of a word must always become smaller when a new component is added to its meaning.

A. (1956) A study of thinking. New York, Wiley. and Kenney, H. J. (1966) On relational concepts. In J. S. Bruner, R. R. Oliver and P. M. ), Studies in cognitive growth. New York, Wiley. Chafe, W. L. (1970) Meaning and the structure of language. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Chomsky, N. (1965) Aspects of the theory of syntax. T. Press. Clark, E. V. (1971) On the acquisition of the meaning of before and after, J. verb. Learn. verb. , 10, 266-275. (1973) What’s in a word? On the child’s acquisition of semantics in his first language.

Here the strategy may involve selecting relevant cues from the situation, possibly using information from these to select other cues and ultimately producing or verifying the word. Some. times the ‘situation’ may be provided entirely or in part through verbal description so that a verification task may require attention to purely verbal aspects of the situa. tion. Thus, different strategies may be involved in action tasks like those described above, word-production tasks and verification tasks.

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