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The Exarch may use Ihis ability in close combai. One model in base contact with Hie Exarch, chosen by the Eldar pfayer. is at -1 Attacks. This can reduce a mode! to 0 Attacks. Evade: The Exarch is adept al guiding his jetbike to avoid incoming shots and Ihe ciumsy blows of the enemy. His saving throw becomes invulnerable. War Shout: The Exarch uses her Banshee mask lo unleash a terrifying howl ol lury and despair, which sweeps over her enemies like a Shockwave. When ihe Exarch uses her mask, the Fast Shot: The Exarch is adept al enemy unit she is fighting must pass a laying down n lethal volley of fire from Leadership lesl or feduce its Weapon any weapon, firing shot after shot into Skill by -1 for the rest ol lhat assault the enemy.

Any [Jaemon thai is frghling the model (h CtOSC corr*at halves Us own Weapon Skil! (rounding up). Hawk's Talon: A Swooping Hawfc Exarch Often carries a much more poweriul version of Ihe lasblasleis yielded by his squad. flailed a Hawh's Taton. This weapon has the following profile: Rfig:24m $;4 AP:6 Haywire Grenades: The Eldar use Haywire grenades for disabling enemy vehicles. They send Out 3 powerful, short-range magnetic pulse which shorts out electrical wiring and disrupts the energy systems ol its target.

It appo-afs CM) fne soxn warrior's head and how the lead Wfaitlifjuafd is marked with a runs on \t$ loin doth end a yin-yang syrfitml Cth its ELDAR ARMY LIST THE CRAFTWORLD ELDAR T his section of Codex; Eldar contains a greal deal of additional information on the Craftwortd Eldar which does nrjl fit into the main arnny list itself. You will find descriplions and rjlas for Hi e many exolic weapons and psychic powers of the Eldar. as well as army list enlfies lor certain legendary Eldar characters who you may wish to us* in your games of Warhamrner 40,000.

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