City Quarters: Thieves' Quarter (d20 System) by J. D. Wiker, Jonathan Kirtz

By J. D. Wiker, Jonathan Kirtz

Desire a tavern in a rush? An hotel? An alchemist? A conspiracy? How a couple of Thieves' Guild? How approximately a complete Thieves' area? From the sport Mechanics (Artifacts of the a long time and the fashionable Player's spouse) comes the 1st in a chain of books detailing the folks, areas, and plots of the fable urban of Liberty: the Thieves' sector, the place lifestyles is affordable, and simply the bravest-or so much foolhardy-venture out on my own at evening. Modular in layout, the Thieves' sector might be tailored wholesale to any urban in any delusion crusade, or Gamemasters can cherry-pick no matter what they wish, at any time when they wish it. With dozen lushly-created maps by way of grasp cartographer Christopher West, dozens of fully-developed NPCs, and vast come upon tables loaded with experience hooks, the Thieves' area is a ready-made mini-setting designed to be dropped into approximately any d20 fable crusade at a moment's observe. destiny urban Quarters volumes will contain the Temple zone, the Arcane region, the Nobles' sector, and the Mercenaries' sector.

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He is a priest of the wild who has come to see lycanthropy as a divine blessing instead of a disease, and is setting plans in motion to spread that blessing to the unenlightened. Perhaps because of his preexisting bond with nature or for an unknown circumstance of his infection, Glibble somehow maintains his Neutral Evil alignment—and his druidic spellcasting ability—throughout his transformations. Until a few years ago, the wererats were loose allies with the Thieves’ Guild, allowed to share Soot Street and the rest of the Undercity with the criminal organization as long as they didn’t spread their disease to members or interfere with the Guild’s plans.

This shaft is equipped with a ladder affixed to one wall, but also includes a polished brass pole for quick descent from above. A reinforced metal door at the bottom of the access shaft remains locked at all times (Open Lock DC 25, Break DC 30) and is only opened to the proper pass phrase, which changes weekly. ~Hidden Trapdoor: CR 1; mechanical, automatic reset; Reflex save DC 15 avoids; 30 ft. deep (no damage); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 15. The sparsely furnished basement area includes a small barracks for the guards posted here, a common room where they frequently play games of chance and watch the entrance, a row of three holding cells for captured intruders, and the living quarters of Grevvik D’sarne, the man in charge of keeping the escape house secure and functional.

It was while studying the movements of the city’s vermin that Glibble became infected with lycanthropy. He quickly rose to dominance in the pack by virtue of his magical talents, and now seeks to expand his domain and share his newfound connection to nature with those who scorn it. ; SQ Gnome traits, alternate form, animal companions (Flick, Snick, Trick, Blick, Click, and Glick), lycanthropic empathy, nature sense, resist nature’s lure, trackless step, wildshape 1/day, woodland stride; AL NE; SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +8; Str 8, Dex 14, Con 9, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 12.

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