Chaotic Transport in Dynamical Systs. [appl. math] by S. Wiggins

By S. Wiggins

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Early decisions in the design process will ensure these can be easily accommodated. Small holes, less than 300mm x 300mm, can generally be positioned anywhere on the slab, between tendons, without any special requirements. 39 Holes are more difficult to accommodate once the slab has been cast, but, where necessary, can still be made with care if the tendon positions have been accurately recorded and identified. The joint Concrete Society and BSRIA publication, Services Integration with Concrete Buildings,40 provides further guidance in this area.

Right Figure 19 Ventilation tower at the National Trust HQ, Swindon. Far right Figure 20 Ventilation tower at the Jubilee Library, Brighton. Effective control of natural ventilation requires a well-designed and user-friendly window system to take maximum advantage of the prevailing conditions. Solar shading, effective in minimising solar gains, is equally important. During the summer months, heat gains offset by passive FES systems are relatively modest, making the performance of windows and shading a significant determinant in the system’s overall success.

3 Colour variation Colour variation is an important consideration from a light reflectance as well as a visual point of view: Colour variation, within construction panels or between adjacent panels, shall not be greater than that shown in the quality benchmark panels for this project or as agreed with the architect. The quality benchmark panels could be: ■ Sample panels made specially to set a benchmark for the particular contract. ■ Panels on a nominated concrete building in the vicinity of the construction site.

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