Cell and Muscle Motility by Guenter Albrecht-Buehler (auth.), Jerry W. Shay (eds.)

By Guenter Albrecht-Buehler (auth.), Jerry W. Shay (eds.)

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Each protofilament is a chain of (a = ß) tubulin dimers: (a-ß)(a-ß)(a-ß) ... (a-ß). Within the wall of a microtubule, each monomer is in contact with other monomers of the same protofilament and with those of the adjacent protofilaments. One can therefore expect that each monomer is subject to several forces of interaction between itself and at least four surrounding tubulin molecules. The total of these forces can be expected to be attractive, or else the protofilaments would not be stable, and adjacent protofilaments wQuld separate from each other.

They only trigger the person's control systems of walking. 2. Ambiguity 0/ Response Another important difference between intelligent and dumb machines lies in the ambiguity of their responses. A spring-and-Iever construction has only one built-in response for each type of input. For example, a mechanical watch can only turn a wheel in response to winding it up, whereas a computer can res pond to a key stroke in a multiplicity of ways determined by the presence or absence of results of previous calculations, input data, or the simultaneous action of peripherals.

When cell shape is varied from flat to spherical, HSV replication is inhibited in parallel with cellular macromolecular metabolism (Ben-Ze'ev, 1983a). 3. Cell Shape in Mitogenic Response and Differentiation The response of cells to serum growth factors is also linked to cell shape; for example, Tucker et al. (1981) showed that nonneoplastic cells grew more with increasing concentrations of serum as they became weil spread. When 30 Avri Ben-Ze'ev cells were plated on a graded series of poly(HEMA) concentrations at low serum in order to arrest growth in all stages of spreading and were then stimulated to grow by addition of epidermal growth factor (EGF), a curve similar to that shown in Fig.

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