Catastrophe in the Making: The Engineering of Katrina and by William R. Freudenburg, Robert B. Gramling, Shirley Laska,

By William R. Freudenburg, Robert B. Gramling, Shirley Laska, Kai Erikson

When homes are flattened, cities submerged, and other people stranded with no electrical energy or perhaps nutrients, we characteristic the affliction to “natural failures” or “acts of God.” yet what if they’re neither? What if we, as a society, are bringing those catastrophes on ourselves?
That’s the provocative idea of disaster within the Making, the 1st e-book to acknowledge storm Katrina now not as a “perfect storm,” yet a tragedy of our personal making—and person who may possibly turn into normal.  
The authors, one an established New Orleans resident, argue that breached levees and sloppy emergency reaction are only the obvious examples of presidency failure. the real challenge is extra deeply rooted and insidious, and stretches some distance past the Gulf Coast.
according to the fake promise of frequent prosperity, groups around the U.S. have embraced all manufacturers of “economic improvement” in any respect expenditures. In Louisiana, that intended improvement pursuits turning wetlands into transport lanes. via changing a typical buffer opposed to typhoon surges with a 75-mile lengthy, out of date canal that expense hundreds of thousands of thousands of bucks, they guided the typhoon into the center of latest Orleans and adjoining groups. The authors demonstrate why, regardless of their geographic ameliorations, California and Missouri are building—quite literally—toward comparable destruction.
Too frequently, the U.S. “growth laptop” generates wealth for a number of and distress for plenty of. Drawing classes from the most costly “natural” catastrophe in American historical past, disaster within the Making indicates why inconsiderate improvement comes at a cost we will be able to unwell afford.

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By then—Wednesday, August 31—an additional 25,000 evacuees had gathered in the New Orleans Convention Center, many of them having been unable to get to the flooded area around the Superdome, and most of them having become increasingly desperate as food and water supplies dwindled and disappeared. S. S. military received from FEMA was for half a dozen helicopters. The National Guard units that finally did manage to straggle into the city, meanwhile, were not exactly well equipped. ” A week after Katrina struck, two authors of this book traveled to Uptown New Orleans on a petrescue mission for a medical staffer who had been evacuated by helicopter from her hospital.

Over time, these deposits gradually build up the region’s “natural levees”—stretches of elevated ground running along the banks of active rivers and bayous. To people from other areas, bayous look like slow-moving rivers. Technically, the distinction is that the water in a bayou can reverse the direction of its flow as the tide rolls in and out, but like many other technical distinctions, this one has often been handled in a relaxed way in the naming of Louisiana’s waterways. ” One final point that needs to be made about the land-building is that it actually involves two sets of processes, working against one another.

1 Part of the reason is that, unlike most of the continent’s coastline, the southern edge of Louisiana is almost as much a part of the sea as it is of the land. The fact that southern Louisiana exists at all has to do with special deliveries, over thousands of years, from thousands of miles to the north. R. 5822/978-1-61091-156-6_2, © 2009 William R. Freudenburg, Robert B. Gramling, Shirley B. Laska and Kai T. Erikson 31 32 * Catastrophe in the Making of tons of silt—the gift of what, after all, we call the “muddy” Mississippi River.

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