Carbon-Carbon Composite Molten-Salt Cooled Space Reactors

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For instance, when your neighbour is making a great deal of noise you may become is annoyed and impatient because it is not obvious that sound impermanent. However if you rely on the force of evidence you can prove to yourself that this noise will pass simply because it is man-made. To do so you must rely on the three factors of agreement, congruence and incongruence. This noise was made by a man; everything man-made must pass; and nothing man-made had endured forever. Therefore through this first.

From the point of view of their natures, each of them also has three (sub-divisions: bare yogic. perception) on the paths of seeing, meditation and no more learning. Sriivakas, Pratyekabuddhas and Bodhisattvas each progress to. through a five-fold path. vakas and Pratyekabuddhas enter their first path. Ac~ording to the Mahayana tenets, Boddhisattvas enter theirs when in addition 28 A COMPENDIUM OF WAYS OF KNOWING they develop a pure motivation of Bodhicitta, that is an Enlightened Motive of working to become a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings.

This ·is because having a fat belly and so forth is both the definition and a qualitative description of a vase or a pitcher. But not all such cognitions applying a fact necessarily. apply a 11ame as well. An idea· of a blue porcelain object can be applied when thinking conceptually about a vase, a bathtub or many such things and is not the definition of any of them. a label atid a basis, those that interpolate extraneous facts and conceptual cognitions involving obscure facts. There are many such classification schemes.

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