California Science: Student Edition: Grade 3 by Dr. Jay K. Hackett, Dr. Richard H. Moyer, Dr. JoAnne

By Dr. Jay K. Hackett, Dr. Richard H. Moyer, Dr. JoAnne Vasquez, Mulugheta Teferi, Dinah Zike, Kathryn LeRoy , Dr. Dorothy J. T. Terman, Dr. Gerald F. Wheeler, Bank Street College of Education (program authors), Dr. Sally Ride, Lucille Villegas Barrera, Dr.

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P. 38–39) Desert plants have special roots, stems, and leaves that help them take in and store water. (p. 40–41) Think, Talk, and Write Main Idea What adaptations help desert plants and animals survive? Vocabulary What is a desert like? Talk about it. Compare and Contrast How are a cactus’s adaptations similar to a mesquite tree’s? How are they different? 2WTTS`S\b /ZWYS 2WTTS`S\b Desert animals have adaptations that help them stay safe and cool. (p. 42) Make a Study Guide Make a pyramid fold.

Record the information in a chart. Write a sentence to describe Death Valley’s climate. com 43 EVALUATE Materials yellow paper Inquiry Structured How does camouflage help some animals survive? Form a Hypothesis How does camouflage help animals stay safe? Record your hypothesis. Start with “If an animal has camouflage, then . ” Test Your Hypothesis brown paper Cut out 20 yellow circles and 20 brown circles. Experiment Spread out the circles on the paper to model animals with and without camouflage.

48 temperate , p. 49 tropical , p. com C Reading Skill Compare and Contrast 2WTTS`S\b /ZWYS 2WTTS`S\b A Grasshoppers have back legs built for jumping. 48 EXPLAIN A The prairies of North America are temperate grasslands. What is a grassland? Miles of green grass stretch out before you. Wildflowers bloom. The air is warm against your skin. Grasshoppers jump. A green snake slithers. Suddenly, the wind blows and thousands of blades of grass make a quiet swishing sound. You are in the grasslands of North America.

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