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3 48(13 + 67) = (48 × 13) + (48 × 67) F Associative Property of Addition G Commutative Property of Multiplication 2 Which shows n2 – 9 written in word form? 1 H Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition F nine less than the square of a number J Identity Property of Addition G nine squared more than a number H nine less than a number 7 J a number squared less than nine Find the perimeter of the rectangle if x = 4 feet. 2 Y Y 3 What is the value of the expression? 1 20 ÷ 5 + 17 × (7 - 5) C 42 B 38 D 142 8 4 Evaluate (5p - 22) ÷ 4, if p = 8.

Understand Guess and check. Act it out. Solve a simpler problem. Read the problem. Write what you know. Darnita is reading a book that is 312 pages long. She reads 24 pages each hour. Pick a strategy. One strategy is to use an equation. Plan Use h to stand for hours. Write an equation using h and the expression p ÷ 24 h = p ÷ 24 In the equation, replace p with 312 . Solve h = 312 ÷ 24 Simplify. h = 312 ÷ 24 h= 13 32 hours to read a Multiply to check your division. Check 11 13 ENTERTAINMENT Joven wants to buy an $8 CD and 3 DVDs.

12 + 13 + 61) + 9r + 17r Add the constant terms. = 86 + 26r Add the variable terms. YOUR TURN! Simplify 13p + 13 - 5p + 5. 1. Find the like terms. What are the constant terms? What are the p terms? 13 and 5 13p and -5p 13p – 5p + 13 + 5 3. Add the constant terms. Subtract the variable terms. 8p + 18 Who is Correct? Simplify 14u2 + 6 + 19u + 4 - 3u2 - 8u. Beatrice Ronin Ana 22u + 10 11u + 6 + 11u + 4 11u + 10 + 11u 2 2 2 Circle correct answer(s). Cross out incorrect answer(s). 22 Chapter 3 Math Expressions Copyright © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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