Calculation of Doses due to Accidental Release of Pu from a

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C. Schwendiman, and C. A. Radasch, Plutonium Release Studies. IV. Fractional Release from Heating Plutonium Nitrate Solutions in a Flowing Air'StreZ; BNWL-931 (November 1968). l_d. _ 13. R. E. Felt, Metal Fires, Burning and Extinguishing ISO-756, Isochem, Inc. Characteristics (August 1967). of Plutonium I 28 14. S. H. , "Factors Influencing the tonium," Nucl. Safety 9(2), 112-19 (1968). 15. L. C. Schwendiman, J. Mishima, and C. A. Radasch, "Airborne Release of Particles in Overheating Incidents Involving Plutonium Metals and of Airborne Radioactive Wastes, Compounds," pp.

A. C. Chamberlain, No. XVII, Airborne A. Garland, Meteorology Atmos. Environ. Symposia Microbes, and Atomic Energy 1968, TID-24190 The Behavior in the Atmosphere of British Report AERE-R-6460 (1970). 3, 347 (1969). of the Society p. 138 (1967). for General Microbiology, 36 4. 2). (see Sect. oxides have received these oxides will resembling relative lower rapidly in moist caused by moisture the coating with argon than (rather is also elements rate the LMFBRs. in air white depends humidity the occurs that on rate is controlled.

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