Brandyjack (Laser #39) by Augustine Funnell, Kelly Freas

By Augustine Funnell, Kelly Freas

Laser Books August 1976 free up. unique technological know-how fiction novels, 3 novels have been issued per thirty days starting August 1975 until eventually the road folded in February 1977.

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Name's Thoruso. The other…" Brandyjack stopped suddenly. The description of Thoruso had caused a brief change of expression on the faces of two of the men and one of the women. He looked from face to face slowly, his eyes hard and calculating. " It was not a question, for it was obvious they had at least heard of Thoruso. Had he asked them, they'd deny it. As it was, hehad put them on the defensive. "Maybe," the woman said. " "You've seen 'im," Brandyjack said again. " There was silence from them for a moment, and Brandyjack slowly became aware of a deeper silence spreading throughout the bar as the other drinkers became aware of the conversation.

And, as I cannot spare the manpower to watch you…" Thoruso paused, looked to Brandyjack, Reed and Virgil. Brandyjacksmiled. "We'll stay in," Reed said, speaking for Virgil. "Fine," Thoruso went on. "At exactly two-thirty, Dextor, Brandyjack and your two friends will be with me in the side street behind the computers building. Two of my other men, Evans and Pier, will be approximately half a kilometer away, waiting for the Protectors. They will attempt to lure the Protectors away from their usual path, but I have my doubts as to the probability of this succeeding.

I hope you have a plan for escape," Brandyjack called up to the Merchant. "I have," Thoruso whispered back. "Never without a plan," Brandyjack said to Reed, smiling. " Benjamin asked. " Thoruso snorted. " Brandyjack stood with the arguing pair. He smiled as he listened to them, then turned away and peered around the edge of the building behind which they hid. The outer wall of Toronew was guarded well at 50-meter distances, there being one gate every kilometer or so. Aside from the pair of guards every 50 meters, there were five stationed at the gates.

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