Book collections of clerics in Norway, 1650-1750 by Gina Dahl

By Gina Dahl

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Of these, August Pfeiffer (born ), a student from Wittenberg who ended his career as superintendent in Lübeck, is accredited with two of his main works, namely Critica sacra and Dubia vexata (AGL III:–). Also belonging to the th century is Sebastian Schmidt (died ), a Lutheran theologian and a renowned writer who is accredited with the work Comment. in Jobum, Esaiam, Jeremiam (AGL IV:–). Also listed is another late th-century Lutheran theologian who obtained major importance in the course of the th century, namely Johann Gerhard (died ).

Printing houses and other types of bookseller, at least the more stationary ones, were not left untouched by control mechanisms. Instead, printers and other booksellers were granted privileges and monopolies provided they published the “right” religious literature. Also other practices could be carried out: Censorship could be enforced, for example, through prohibiting the printing of particular books or by revising a manuscript before, or even after, printing. 41 The censorship climate, however, was not static, but one which gradually shifted in focus and intensity throughout the early modern period.

There are, however, several  chapter one difficulties in choosing this system of classification. First, there is the problem of who to place in the different categories. One particular author, for instance, could have converted from one confession to another, which makes both the author and the work difficult to place in one specific category. Second, certain authors may also be claimed to have stood midway between two different religious “systems”, an example being the so-called Crypto-Calvinists, who were both Lutheran and Calvinist in parts of their doctrine.

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