Biology of Plant Litter Decomposition. Volume 2 by C. H. And Pugh, G. J. F. Editors Dickinson

By C. H. And Pugh, G. J. F. Editors Dickinson

Sm 4to, 1974, PP.245-775, seventy five,

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This sheath also appears to form the spore vesicle or sporangium found in the genera 9. ACTINOMYCETES 273 classified in the family Actinoplanaceae. One, two, several or many motile or non-motile spores mature within the sac-like sheath which at one time was equated with the fungal sporangium. The spores are heat sensitive, show a variable resistance to desiccation and are thick-walled or thinwalled and motile. They are usually formed by the subdivision of preformed hyphae or singly by the walling off of a hyphal bud.

Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 22, 81-98. , H I L L , I. R. and GRAY, T . R. G. (1967). " (D. Parkinson and T . R. G. Gray, eds), pp. 500-515. Liverpool University Press. GORDON, R. E. and HAGAN, W. A. (1936). J. infect. Dis. 59, 200-206. GRAY, T . R. G. and BAXBY, P. (1968). Trans. Br. my col. Soc. 51, ^93-309. GRAY, T . R. G. and LOWE, W. E. (1967). Bad. Proc. 3-4. GRAY, T . R. G. and WILLIAMS, S. T . (1971). " (D. E. Hughes and A. H . Rose, eds), pp. 255-286. Cambridge University Press. GREGORY, P.

Optimum growth temperatures normally below 45°C (mes) or above 45°C (ther). 279 9. ACTINOMYCETES T A B L E I I I . T a b u l a r key for genera of Actinomycetales in soil a n d litter 2 3 4 yc/frag AM 2-IO-ooCh arth myc SM oo SV zoo I 6 7 O NAF III O NAF II 5 frag SM/VC o o O/FNO NAF VII myc SM oo SV zoo O NAF II myc AM oo c h arth O NAF I myc SM 2 - I O SV zoo O NAF II myc AM oo ch frag SM oo SV arth/zoo O NAF I zoo O NAF III IV bac VC o o O PAF myc AM oo c h 5irth/zoo O NAF I myc AM arth O NAF III myc AM 2 - 1 0 SV apl O NAF I myc SM I apl O/NO NAF II myc AM arth arth NAF IV AM 2 - i o ch 4 ch O myc O NAF III bac VC 2 ch o o O AF IV ic/frag SM/VC o o O PAF IV bac VC o o O NAF ND frag frag frag SM o zoo O NAF IX arth O AF/NAF IV zoo O NAF VI SM/AM o-2-ioch SM/VC o myc AM 2 SV zoo O NAF III myc AM I SV zoo III frag SM I apl NAF ND myc AM o o NAF NAF IV myc AM I apl O NAF IV myc AM oo SV zoo O NAF III myc AM O NAF I AM 2 - i o ch oo ch zoo myc arth O NAF I III 2-io-ooch arth O/FNO myc AM oo SV apl O NAF myc AM 2-io-ooch arth O NAF I myc AM I end O NAF III myc AM I apl O NAF III N D = no data available 8 9 Genus Actinomadura Actinoplanes ND m e s Agromyces ND m e s Ampullariella ND mes Chainia ND m e s Dactylosporangium ND m e s Elytrosporangium mes ND Geodermatophilus LCN-A m e s Gordona m e s Kitasatoa ND mes Microbispora — mes Microellobosporia — mes Micromonospora — N D mes/ther Micropolyspora ND mes Microtetraspora myco mes Mycobacterium LCN-A m e s ' 'Mycobacterium'' rhodochrous ND mes Mycococcus ND mes Mycoplana LCN-A m e s Nocardia mes Oerskovia — ND mes Planobispora ND m e s Planomonospora ND m e s Promicromonospora ther Pseudonocardia — ND ther/mes Saccharomonospora mes Spirillospora — ND mes Sporichthya — mes ItherStreptomyces — mes/ther Streptosporangium mes Streptoverticillium — ther Thermoactinomyces — ther Thermomonospora — mes — mes 280 M.

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