Biology and Regulation of Blood-Tissue Barriers by Alexander S. Easton (auth.), C. Yan Cheng PhD (eds.)

By Alexander S. Easton (auth.), C. Yan Cheng PhD (eds.)

This booklet used to be written via many impressive investigators who've spent many years to review assorted facets of blood‑tissue barrier functionality. they've got summarized many of the most up-to-date and engaging improvement of their fields of analysis together with the blood‑brain barrier, the blood‑retinal barrier, the intestine barrier, the blood‑biliary barrier, the blood‑follicle barrier, the blood‑epididymis barrier, the blood‑testis barrier, the tight junction barrier in most cases in addition to boundaries within the lady reproductive tract. integrated also are chapters that target themes which are physiologically appropriate to all blood‑tissue boundaries. lots of those chapters additionally comprise info on particular human ailments, resembling pathological alterations of the intestine barrier that reason bowel problems because of irritation of the epithelial lining within the gut, and infertility in males because of disruption of the blood‑epididymal and/or blood‑testis obstacles; and on new healing techniques (e.g., drug supply around the blood‑brain and the blood‑retinal barriers).

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