Biology and Computation: A Physicist's Choice (Advanced by H. Gutfreund, G. Toulouse

By H. Gutfreund, G. Toulouse

This e-book offers a accomplished overview of the works within the speedily evolving box of neural networks and mind reports. Its function is two-fold: to assist physicists coming into this box to get a broader view of the context of a site, in addition to to assist scientists of different disciplines to arrive a greater figuring out of the physicists' contributions inside of a context of views they could relate to. incorporated within the quantity are sixty eight chosen reprints to supply the quantity with either breadth and intensity. it's equipped into five sections and 22 chapters, either the sections and chapters being preceded by means of introductory reviews via the editors.

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This has observable consequences in the reactions and excitation spectra that are studied in nuclear physios, even though it is much more difficult to demonstrate directly than the ammonia inversion. In my opinion, whether or not one calls this intensive research, it is as fundamental in nature as many things one might so label. But it needed no new knowledge of fundamental laws and would have been extremely difficult to derive synthetically from those laws; it was simply an inspiration, based, to be sure, on everyday intuition, which suddenly fitted everything together.

As the independent significance of chords came to be appreciated in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, a feeling arose for the relationship of chords to one another and to the tonic chord, in accordance with the same law which had long ago unconsciously regulated the relationship of compound tones. The relationship of compound tones depended on the identity of two or more partial tones, that of • chords on the identity of two or more notes. For the musician, of course, the law of the relationship of chords and keys is much more intelligible than that of compound tones.

One is that symmetry is of great importance in physics. By symmetry we mean the existence of different viewpoints from which the system appears the same, I I is only slightly overstating the case to say that physics is the study of symmetry. The first demonstration of the power of this idea may have been by Newton, who may have asked himself the question: What if the matter here in my hand obeys the same laws as that up in the sky— that is, what if space and matter are homogeneous and isotropic?

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