Being and Being Bought: Prostitution, Surrogacy and the by Kajsa Ekis Ekman

By Kajsa Ekis Ekman

Grounded within the fact of the violence and abuse inherent in prostitution—and profoundly plagued by the demise of a chum to prostitution in Spain—activist and author Kajsa Ekis Ekman exposes the various lies within the "sex work" state of affairs during this polemic during which she additionally criticizes the booming surrogacy undefined. the writer areas the idea that it truly is attainable to split the "self" from the physique, hence making it attainable to promote the physique for intercourse with out compromising an individual's primary human dignity —a key argument of the pro-sex employee narrative— lower than the microscope. Taking the idea at face worth, she extends it to the perform of surrogacy, declaring that if a lady is neither hooked up to her physique nor to the kid that grows inside her, surrogacy itself may be seen as a sort or prostitution the place the product offered is a toddler, instead of intercourse. if so, Ekis Ekman argues, is surrogacy now not a kind of kid trafficking? Written with a razor-sharp mind and disarming wit, this illuminating exposé seeks to focus on the hazards of commodifying the human physique and offers either prostitution and surrogacy as emotionally fraught organisations rife with energy imbalances and the possibility of abuse.

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The opposite of subject is not victim, but object. The opposite of victim is not subject, but perpetrator. What the alleged subjectvictim dichotomy actually claims, of course, is that the victim is an object, that a person who becomes a victim is no longer a person who thinks, feels and acts. This fictitious opposition exposes an unfathomable contempt for any kind of weakness. Returning to the topic of prostitution, Belinda Carpenter writes that it is the prostituted woman’s ambiguous state as both subject and object in the agreement that makes her alienation possible (p.

Good grief! A cultural archetype is being threatened! And so a whole society quickly rushed to restore the whore. She must not disappear! So people insisted: we are all whores, whores are good, whores should be proud, we will abolish the stigma of the whore; or even: the word ‘whore’ doesn’t signify anything at all—in other words, 35 Being and Being Bought people rushed to reclaim the word but simultaneously denied its significance, just like the book bloggers. In reality, the admiration is nothing but scorn from a different perspective.

As long as something is ‘sex’, it is untouchable. And as long as this ‘sex’ can be said to have lower status than mainstream sex, it is revolutionary. The Victim and the Subject At the heart of the story of the sex worker stands a telling phrase. It reads: ‘The sex worker is not a victim, but a strong person who knows what she wants’. ’ Susanne Dodillet claims: “the Sex Purchase Act [introduced in Sweden in 1998] assigns to the sex worker the role of passive victim, incapable of arriving at independent decisions” (16 March 2009).

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