Battle of the Two Talmuds: Judaism's Struggle with Power, by Saul Mayzlish, Leon Charney

By Saul Mayzlish, Leon Charney

The authors reached again into historical past to appreciate the explanations and techniques amazing rabbis and Talmudic students deserted the Holy Land, either bodily and spiritually, to settle in what got here to be often called the lands of the Diaspora. This dramatic exodus was once opposite to the biblical injunction that every one Jews needs to dwell within the land of Israel.

The conflict of the 2 Talmuds explains in nice aspect how the Babylonian students created their very own interpretation of the Torah that grew to take priority over that of the Jerusalem students. This e-book exhibits that each one humans are topic in quite a few how one can energy, glory, and guilt. It was once strength, glory, and guilt that has effected the culture and scholarship of Judaism for the earlier 2,000 years.

The reader learns how those characteristics intertwined in a favorable approach to make Judaism an everlasting and colourful religion.

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Rav’s family descended from King David, and he was related through marriage to the exilarch or head of the exiled community (Rosh Hagola). He personified the tradition of studying that had been cultivated in Israel and was editor of some compilations of verses in the Mishnah. ” Rav Abba Arikha also composed some of the main prayers for Rosh Hashanah. 45 Shmuel was one of the important physicians of his generation as well as a great astronomer, and he served as the av bet din, chief justice of the Jewish court in Babylonia.

43 THE BABYLONIAN AMORAIM The fact that Rabbi had no successor distinctly weakened the influence of Israel. That, combined with the deterioration of the political and economical state of the Israeli Jews, prompted many to move elsewhere. The fragility of the Israeli influence opened an opportunity to establish a spiritual center in Babylonia, the strength of which eventually eclipsed that of Israel. This was done by Abba Arikha (“tall” Abba), who had come to Israel from Babylonia as a young man with his uncle Rabbi Hiyya, a pupil and friend of Rabbi Judah Ha-Nasi.

In addition, his study methods and personality not only gave him authority over the Israeli scholars but also attracted Babylonian scholars, who began to consider him the teacher of the entire generation. Many of the important amoraim in Babylonia decided to move to Israel in order to study with him, thus becoming fervent admirers of the local method of study. One of these newcomers was the bright Rav Kahana, Rav’s student, and others including Rabbi Eleazar ben Pedat, Rav Ami, Rav Asi, and more.

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