Baffling Brain Teasers by Philip J. Carter

By Philip J. Carter

A follow-up name to Alan Wareham's "Brain Teasers", with over a hundred brain-teasing questions graded from effortless to very tricky. The authors have additionally written "Take the IQ attempt" and "Take the IQ problem" sequence.

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107 Wondering why on earth the police are guarding you, go to 251. 108 The cars show no signs of tampering, but nonetheless, although there are no wires visible, you cannot help but think that something is amiss. ' says Hughes, pointing to the lock of the Chancellor's Daimler. 'Someone has glued it up. ' you think out loud. ' offers Hughes. 'That's it,' you say. ' 'But why? ' asks Hughes. 'They must intend either to blow up the car park or shoot them in the confusion,' you explain. Will you search for hidden terrorists (go to 228) or will you look for explosives (go to 191)?

When you reach the entrance to the car park you find that the guard hut is deserted. Make an Observation skill roll. If you succeed, go to 110; if you fail, go to 264. 66 The inspector is silent during the short journey to the station. When you arrive, you are ushered into a small interrogation room. A sergeant asks you to empty your pockets and put the contents on the table. Reluctantly, you comply with his wishes. 67 'I don't know what you expect to find. I've got a few pounds and my bedsit keys,' you say.

Member of Direct Action,' he explains. 'Good grief! ' you exclaim. 'Freedom fighter,' he replies. ' you ask. To some comrades. ' There is not much you can do, the car is travelling it nearly 80mph and it would be suicide to try to get out. Now go to 53. 99 113 Alone in your bedsit later that night, you watch the news on TV. It says that a bomb exploded in Oxford Street this afternoon, but the police do not seem to have any leads yet. The report on the mass march gets only a minute or so, and alleges that barely ten thousand protested against the government.

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