B0762 Marine corrosion of stainless steel (EFC 33) (matsci) by D. Feron

By D. Feron

This e-book offers up to date perspectives of marine corrosion of stainless steels and covers the fields of fabrics choice, checking out and adventure, and safeguard and tracking.

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3. Biofilm Settlement and Properties Biofilm settlement and properties are related to the potential ennoblement of stainless steels in sea water. Free corrosion potential is probably a raw parameter to measure biofilm settlement and biofilm properties. Further investigations have been carried out in the two Pan-European programmes to obtain more accurate measurements of biofilm properties. Nevertheless, corrosion potential is a global parameter of the interactions between the electrolyte (sea water), the biofilm and the material [3].

Sea water with galvanic protection 316/316L 316/316L -tube sheets, hull mounted equipment, pump impellers, valves, stems and trim, fasteners in A1 and Precipitation hardened grades Pleasure boat and work boat shafting, valve stems, special fasteners. Superaustenitics Power plant condenser tubing, fire water, ballast and sea water pipes, pumps, valves, reverse osmosis desalinationplants. Superduplex High pressure oilfield injection pumps. Shafting, propellers, shaft seals, retractable bow plane systems.

Critical Pitting Tempevatures of UNS S31600 in Different Sea Waters 23 Table 4 . 92 pitting potentials determined at 40°C in the waters sampled during the winter 1994/ 1995 are shown in Table 6. The table reports the mean values and their standard deviations, 4. Discussion As shown by Gallagher et al. [4] the corrosivity of a sea water that has been transported in a closed container changes due to changes in its microbiology. Although this change mainly affects the cathodic reaction there might be a possibility that decomposition of organic components could cause a change in the pH of the water.

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