Awareness Through Movement: Easy-to-Do Health Exercises to by Moshe Feldenkrais

By Moshe Feldenkrais

Hundreds of thousands have discovered renewed healthiness and elevated sensory understanding during the Feldenkrais technique as defined in know-how via stream. here's a approach for individuals of all ages to combine actual and psychological improvement right into a new, invigorating wholeness. Feldenkrais offers a modern day, useful software for the perennial excellent of a fit brain in a fit physique. His down-to-earth approach conscientiously avoids any mystical part and not obliges any student to grasp abstruse theories. routines for posture, eyes, mind's eye, and extra will at the same time construct higher physique behavior and concentration new dimensions of understanding, self-image, and human capability.

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In this condition it is much easier to effect changes in thinking and feeling, for the muscular part through which thinking and feeling reach our awareness has changed and no longer expresses the patterns previously familiar to us. Habit has lost its chief support, that of the muscles, and has become more amenable to change. Structure and Function Abstraction is exclusively human We have said that the whole life process can be broken down into four components: movement, sensing, feeling, and thought.

A whole series of methods of suggestion and hypnosis (whether of many people or of a single person) are also common today. At least fifty such methods are known to be used in different corners of the world that are considered to be the method by those who practice them. 30 Where to Begin and How 31 States of human existence Two states of existence are commonly distinguished: waking and sleeping. We shall define a third state: awareness. In this state the individual knows exactly what he is doing while awake, just as we sometimes know when awake what we dreamed while asleep.

Everybody knows from 38 AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT his own experience how closely linked breathing is with every change of feeling or anticipation of a strong emotion. Throughout the history of mankind we find systems and rules designed to induce a calming effect by improved breathing. The human skeleton is so constructed that it is almost impossible to organize breathing properly without also satisfactorily placing the skeleton with respect to gravity. The reorganization of breathing alone succeeds only to the degree that we succeed indirectly in improving the organization of the skeletal muscles for better standing and better movement.

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