Avian Malarial Parasites and Other Haemosporidia by Gediminas Valkiunas

By Gediminas Valkiunas

While learning the consequences of parasites on ordinary populations, the avian haematozoa fulfills a few of the standards of an incredible version. that includes a large number of tables and illustrations, Avian Malaria Parasites and different Haemosporidia summarizes greater than a century of study on poultry haemosporidians. for a very long time, fowl blood parasites served as vital types in learning human ailments. even if now mostly changed, the wealth of knowledge and study stay. With chapters addressing existence cycles and morphology, pathogenicity, ultrastructure, geographical distribution, and illustrated keys to all recognized species of the parasites, this publication is a masterful review of the biology of chook haemosporidian parasites.

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The pigment is insoluble residuum formed in the process of hemoglobin digestion (Yamada and Sherman, 1979). The pigment granules are easily distinguished under the light microscope due to their property of strong light refraction. The duration of the erythrocytic merogony and the degree of its synchronization differ for various species. The cycle of the erythrocytic merogony in the majority of parasites terminates after 24 to 36 h. There are species with a clearly expressed periodicity (Plasmodium cathemerium, P.

Malarial pigment (hemozoin) is formed in gametocytes in the form of granules of golden-brown, brown, or black colour. fm Page 23 Monday, September 20, 2004 7:02 PM LIFE CYCLE AND MORPHOLOGY 23 Figure 6 Gametocytes of Haemoproteus mansoni from the blood of Tetrastes bonasia: 1–3 – young; 4–10 – macrogametocytes; 11, 12 – microgametocytes; Nc – nucleolus; Ne – nucleus of erythrocyte; Np – nucleus of parasite; Pg – pigment granule; Vc – vacuole. species. Together with true malarial pigment, more or less compact gatherings of matter called valutin are often seen in the gametocytes of certain species.

Danilewskyi, L. lovati, L. simondi). It is noteworthy that the host cells become fusiform during the growth of young gametocytes, but not when they gain maximum size. One of the characteristic features of the impact of gametocytes on the host cells is strong deformation and hypertrophy of its nucleus. This indicates that the host cells are intensively participating in the growth of gametocytes. The nucleus usually relocates to the periphery and locates close to the gametocyte. Dust-like azurophilic inclusions are found in the gametocytes of many species.

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