Autism Playbook for Teens: Imagination-Based Mindfulness by Carol Moog, Irene McHenry

By Carol Moog, Irene McHenry

Children with autism are normal observers—able to review, imitate, and study social behaviour. The Autism Playbook for youths is designed to empower those strengths with mindfulness innovations and scripts, whereas additionally assisting children lessen anxiousness, deal with feelings, be extra acutely aware within the current second, and fix with others. This e-book bargains a distinct, strengths-based method of support young people with autism and Asperger's enhance social talents , advance communique, and thrive.

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When you are talking, sometimes you might keep talking, even if you have a feeling you should stop! Many teens on the autism spectrum don’t yet know that they have a “pause button” that they can use to help them slow down. The idea of a personal pause button is like the pause button on a DVD player or on a video game. Creating a pause button for yourself in the following exercise will help you feel comfortable in many different social situations. You will find that being with other people is a different experience when you are using your pause button.

3. Look in the mirror to see your body showing the feeling of being happy.

Maybe you could talk about a movie you like or your favorite food. It doesn’t really matter. Just keep talking. If you feel like laughing, do it. Now, get ready to pause. How you signal yourself that you are choosing to press your “pause” button is up to you. You might imagine the pause symbol (usually two vertical lines) that appears on your screen. Or you might see the word “pause” in your mind. Or you could say the word “pause” out loud. As soon as you press your 20 create a pause button: get comfortable “pause” button, stop all action right away.

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