Attacking Chess: King's Indian, Volume 2 by David Vigorito

By David Vigorito

The King's Indian continues to be a highly renowned starting in any respect degrees of chess - unsurprising given the attacking possibilities it deals. in lots of of the ultra-sharp major strains, either side can struggle for the initiative. White usually wins the queenside conflict yet this frequently seems to be a Pyrrhic victory as Black wins the struggle by way of checkmating at the kingside! Black is searching the enemy king and this provides him a mental area in useful play. the following David Vigorito provides an competitive repertoire for Black in line with the most strains. Vigorito is popular for his recognition to aspect and creativity, and his repertoire is stuffed with leading edge principles. What's extra, his lucid causes of the most important plans and strategies will gain all gamers. quantity 2 of his paintings offers with the 4 Pawns assault, the Fianchetto edition, the Averbakh version and plenty of different traces. Attacking Chess is a sequence of starting repertoire books which specialise in conventional attacking openings, in addition to artistic and forceful how you can play openings that aren't consistently linked to attacking chess. It offers bold repertoires designed for avid gamers of all degrees. *A King's Indian repertoire for Black *Packed with unique rules and significant research *Written by means of a exclusive beginning professional

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23 'it>h1 hS! •. 40 Black simply 'pretends' h e i s not down material and plays a useful move. He wants to open the h-file and play ... J:th8. 24 'tia3 White does not mind returning the exchange if he can consolidate his posi­ tion, especially if the as-knight cannot enter the fray. h4 25 g4 ttJac4) 25 ttJgs h4 and 24 :g1 h4 25 g4 'it>g7 26 gS 'ii'd 7 allow Black to create counterplay. 24... h4 Instead after 24... c2!? "ifc8 27 e3 helps White consolidate a bit) 27 'i¥xa6 c4? Resika, Budapest 2001.

Txb2! looks even stronger: for example, 18 'i¥xb2 fS 19 'iih 6 'it'xb6 20 �xb6 fxe4 21 e3 tt:Jxf4! 22 exf4 e3 with the idea of ... Nunn, Brighton 1983. f3 with some advantage. f3 looks good for White. He is not threatening to take on h5 just yet be­ cause of ... xe4, but Black has no con­ structive moves. l:txb2! ) 20 ... d4+ 21 �h2 "ifih4 and White is busted. xb2 21 "W/xb2 lDf6 22 g1 lDh 5 and Black stands well. l:tb4!? g4!? is rather annoying for White. xe4! wins for Black. xb1 (or even 18 ...

21 t£Jxc6 t£Jxc6 when Black's active pieces and control of d4 compensate for White's bishop-pair. xd1 b3! ) 22 ... tiJxb3. JWc7! tiJxe4? 21 tiJd7. 21 tiJed3 t£Jxe4 22 'ifc2 White attacks not only the cs-pawn, but also the b4-pawn due to the pin on the c-file. However, even though White is able to win back the pawn Black man­ ages to keep the upper hand in the complications. 22 C4 If 22 ... f8 23 tiJxb4, but 22 ... 'ili'c8!? txe4 would win back the pawn, but hand Black a powerful bishop-pair) 23 ...

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