Atoms III — Molecules I / Atome III — Moleküle I by S. Flügge

By S. Flügge

dissociation, E, of a dimer into monomers and that, E', of a trimer right into a dimer and a monomer. The saw speed distribution for a beam of sodium iodide is proven in Fig. 23. The monomer and dimer distributions, that are all of the type of Eq. (9. 2), are individually proven. The sum of the 2 assumed distributions is noticeable to trust the experimental info. the information for lithium bromide are proven in Fig. 24. The separate distributions for the monomer, dimer, and trimer required to slot the knowledge are proven as is the sum of those distributions. An try to describe the saw distribution by way of a monomer and a dimer purely is proven by means of the dotted line, the place the relative quantities of those species were adjusted to offer a healthy at the low speed aspect of the spectrum. desk 2. precis oj information at the measure of organization oj diatomic molecules. the information at the fluorides are from unpublished result of M. EISENSTADT, G. ROTHBERG and P. KUSCH. Uncertainties in E and E' are given in parentheses. E E' Temperature okay I ----- ----" Species at which a2 a, kcaljmole p~10-2mmHg RbCl 866 zero. 063 forty eight. zero (0. five) I KCI zero. 083 897 45·8 (0. 7) I KI 823 zero. 046 , 45·3 (0·9) NaC] 920 zero. 259 forty four. 6 (0·9) i NaI 817 zero. 235 38. 6 (3-4) LiC] 2.

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HUGHES: Phys. Rev. 79, 819 (1950). E. MAJORANA: Nuovo Cim. 9, 43 (1932). These non-adiabatic transitions are often called Majorana transitions. See also N. F. RAMSEY [25]. 3 4 42 P. KUSCH and V. W. HUGHES: Atomic and Molecular Beam Spectroscopy. Sect. 21. from the nuclear angular momentum, and from the molecular rotational angular momentum. The effective moment f-l(= - 8Wj8H) depends in general on the state of coupling of the several angular momenta, on the energy level, and on the value of the magnetic field.

M. KUSCH: Phys. Rev. 107, 716 (1957). 2 ]. 3 Sect. 12. The Pirani gauge. 27 flowing through the bridge. With no beam incident on the gauge the bridge is in balance or in a steady state slightly off-balance, and this condition is not affected by fluctuations in residual vacuum except insofar as the vacuum fluctuations are different at the two slits or the two halves of the gauge are themselves different. An incident beam will increase the pressure in one of the cavities; hence the temperature of the two arms of the bridge within that cavity will drop with a consequent drop in the resistance of the arms, and a modified off-balance current will flow in a galvanometer.

The calculation of the intensity distribution in the deflected beam resulting from this trapezoidal undeflected beam leads to a cumbersome expression I , and for most purposes it is adequate to consider the deflection of an equivalent rectangular image whose width, 2a, is equal to the width of the trapezoid at half intensity. Hence the intensity of the undeflected beam is taken as: 10 (so) =100 for -a~so~a,} 10(so) = 0 elsewhere. 5) The intensity distribution of the deflected beam l(s) is obtained by integrating Eq.

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