Athenian Pottery and Cypriote Preferences by Niki Eriksson

By Niki Eriksson

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16 Syrkatis Today’s Syrkatis could have been under the influence of Tamassos or Idalion. 17 Tamassos Tamassos130 was situated in a central area of Cyprus and it must have covered an extensive territory. Copper production became the main product of the area and it seems that trading Phoenicians found their way to Tamassos already c. 800 BC. This was an important goal for Kitian industry; its expansion led to both commercial and religious contacts between the two cities. Such 124 Even though he bears the same name as the son of Euagoras I, it is uncertain if he was a member of the royal family.

The archaeological evidence though, found in the area of the modern town of Polis Chrysochous,93 is generally accepted as the remains of this ancient city-kingdom. It should also be noted that some scholars are of the opinion that the area belonged to the ancient kingdom of Paphos until the 6th century. 94 Pottery, however, which derived from robbed tombs in the areas of Pelethousa and Peristerona lying at the northern slopes of the valley, has an apparent resemblance to the pottery found in the whole area of Chrysochou.

Hill 1940, 89. Reyes 1994, 160; Karageorghis 2001b, 156; 213. Hill 1940, 114; Karageorghis 2002b, 215. 19 of the kingdom during the wars of Alexander’s successors Antigonus and Ptolemy I, we may asume that the kingdom was abolished and it came under Ptolemaic rule. 90 Very little is known about the Early Cypro-Archaic period of this kingdom. Later on, the north-west part of Cyprus – the area that formed a triangle from Ayia Irini, Cape Kormakiti and Lapithos, including Larnaka tis Lapithou – became a district of Phoenician intrusion.

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